Defort DS-36N-Lilt


type of power: battery, maximum speed/min: 180, the battery voltage 3.6, battery capacity 1.3 Ah, 0.35 kg

Main (Defort DS-36N-Lilt)
Type elektroturk
Type Ni-Cd
Capacity 1.3 Ah
Voltage 3.6 V
Chuck type magnetic hex
Food battery
Specifications (Defort DS-36N-Lilt)
The number of degrees of tightening 23
The speed of rotation of idling 180 rpm
The maximum torque 3 N*m
Spindle lock
Trim - a set of nozzles bits - magnetic holder for bits - charger
Battery (Defort DS-36N-Lilt)
Charging time 5 hours
Dimensions and weight (Defort DS-36N-Lilt)
Weight 350 g
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